COVID Safety Precautions and Practices

Columbia University MRI Center at the Neurological Institute

The Radiology Department has guidelines for patients coming onsite for clinical scans which apply to research participants as well. Researchers should consult new scheduling guidelines as well.  Contact the NI Director of Imaging Services with questions.

New York State Psychiatric Institute

The NYSPI MRI Research COVID-19 Ramp Up and Reactivation Plan contains details about pre-scan preparation, scheduling changes, PPE requirements, and post-scan cleaning.

Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute

Guidelines were updated Jan 2022. Researchers must escort participants, wear masks, and clean surfaces after all scans on the MR systems in the Jerome L. Greene Science Center. Four important points are:
1) Masks are required for researchers and participants, regardless of vaccination status. Effective Tuesday, January 18 2022, cloth masks will not be acceptable protection in indoor Columbia University settings. N95, KN95, and KN94 masks are best, and surgical masks are acceptable. Surgical masks are provided at Security.
2) Scans must be scheduled in a way that includes at least a 30 min buffer after for the researcher to disinfect surfaces after the scan. (The 30 min block should not be included in the reservation.  It should be open time on the calendar. Researchers are not charged for this buffer time.) If a scan is scheduled that lacks buffer time, or infringes on the previous scan's buffer time, that scan will be cancelled and the researcher will be notified.
3) For each scan you schedule, send the MR technologist the required entry information: the name of the participant, the name of the research staff member attending the scan, your arrival time at JLGSC, and your departure time from JLGSC. Send this information immediately after scheduling your scan, if possible, or 48 hours in advance. Security will be informed in advance, which will ensure that you and your participant will be allowed into the building. 
4) For post-scan cleaning: Supplies are provided. Leave the completed post-scan cleaning checklist on the counter in the scan console room when finished.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)


Nathan Kline Institute