Omar Khalique

Omar Khalique

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Quantity and location of aortic valve complex calcification predicts severity and location of paravalvular regurgitation and frequency of post-dilation after balloon-expandable transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Khalique OK, Hahn RT, Gada H, Nazif TM, Vahl TP, George I, Kalesan B, Forster M, Williams MB, Leon MB, Einstein AJ, Pulerwitz TC, Pearson GD, Kodali SK

Aortic annular sizing using a novel 3-dimensional echocardiographic method: use and comparison with cardiac computed tomography
Khalique OK, Kodali SK, Paradis JM, Nazif TM, Williams MR, Einstein AJ, Pearson GD, Harjai K, Grubb K, George I, Leon MB, Hahn RT

Immediate, same-setting paravalvular leak closure following transcatheter aortic valve replacement
White JM, Khalique OK, Kodali SK.

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