Columbia University MRI Center at the Neurological Institute

Stephen Dashnaw - Director of Imaging Services ([email protected])

Chad Samaroo - MRI Technologist ([email protected])

Jonathan Molina - MRI Technologist - [email protected]

Katy Hernandez - MRI Technologist - [email protected]

Janet Fleitas - MRI Technologist - [email protected]

Juann Janssen - MRI Technologist - [email protected]

Joanna Baez Castillo - MRI Technologist - [email protected]

Euniris Castellanos - MRI Technologist - [email protected]

Yucheng Liu – MR Safety Officer - [email protected]

Sachin Jambawalikar - Medical Physics ([email protected])

Krish Iyer - Grants Manager ([email protected])

Ramona Jayasena - Grants Coordinator ([email protected])

Michael Zhang - Senior IT Administrator ([email protected])

New York State Psychiatric Institute

Rachel Marsh, PhD - MRI Research Program Director ([email protected])

Matthew Riddle, BFA - MRI Research Program Administrative Director ([email protected])

Gaurav Patel, MD, PhD - MRI Technical Director ([email protected])

Juan Sanchez, MS - MRI Technical Administrator ([email protected])

Yunsuo Duan, PhD - RF Coil Development ([email protected])

Feng Liu, PhD - Pulse Sequence Development ([email protected])

Alayar Kangarlu, PhD - Director of Physics and Education ([email protected])

Zhishun Wang, PhD - Functional MRI and Connectivity ([email protected])

Xuejun Hao, PhD - Multimodal Imaging ([email protected])

Lawrence Kegeles, MD, PhD - Medical Director ([email protected])

Jack Gray, BA - MRI Technologist ([email protected])

Frank Osorio - MRI Technologist ([email protected])

Xiangling Mao - MRI Technologist ([email protected])

Zuckerman Mind, Brain, and Behavior Institute

Tommy Vaughan, PhD - Director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging ([email protected])

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, PhD - Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience; Director of Cognitive Imaging ([email protected])

Ray Lee, PhD - Director of Magnetic Resonance Technologies ([email protected])

Kathleen Durkin, MS - MR Research Administrator ([email protected])

Jonathan Cardona, MS - lead MR Technologist ([email protected])

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)



Nathan Kline Institute