Equipment & Software at the Columbia University MRI Center at the Neurological Institute

Data Management Software

Data from the MR systems goes to the research PACS (Picture Archiving Communications Systems). Researchers are granted permission to access their studies.  Researchers then download the data to their own systems. If a researcher has their own server, they can set up a push to the server. Contact the NI Director of Imaging Services for details.


Display/ projection equipment 

VisuaStim System

CUIMC uses the Resonance Technology Inc VisuaStim system for both audio and visual stimulation. 

There is also a projector and a rear projection screen with mirror.


Response equipment

Current Designs

CUIMC uses Current Designs response devices.  Both the trackball and button boxes are available. All are completely non-magnetic/ non-electronic, and will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns.

Contact the NI Director of Imaging Services for details.


Physiological monitoring/ recording equipment 

Physiological recording equipment are integrated in the scanner (pulse, respiration, ECG) and synchronized with the scanner data collection. Contact the NI Director of Imaging Services for details.