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August 03, 2022

Joint development agreement between PMX and Columbia University to accelerate brain MRI

PMX, founded in March 2020, a medical AI company, announced on Feb. 3 that it has signed a joint development research contract with the Center for MRI Research, Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute (ZMBBI) at Columbia University, USA to accelerate brain MR imaging and diagnosis. PMX, led by Dr. Kim Han Suk intends to create accessible solutions for dementia screening and management. Neuro solutions (BrainOMX) being commercialized by PMX will include technology that will be developed in partnership with ZMBBI under the guidance of PI, Dr. Sairam Geethanath.



Some students, faculty, staff, and industry associates of the Columbia MR Research Center, January 2020

Back row, left to right: Assistant Professor Jia Guo (ZMBBI, NYSPI), Dr. Patrick Quarterman (GE Healthcare), Dr. Jaemin Shin (GE Healthcare), Enlin Qian (SEAS), Keerthi Sravan Ravi (SEAS), Associate Professor Christoph Juchem (SEAS, ZMBBI), Nabil Ettenhadi (SEAS), Dr. Martin Gajdosik (SEAS), Yun Shang (SEAS), Xuzhe Zhang (SEAS), Chen Raphael Liu (SEAS, CUIMC), Sabrina Gjerswold-Selleck (SEAS)

Middle row, left to right: Assistant Professor Wei Shen (CUIMC), Dr. Sairam Geethanth (ZMBBI), Pavan Poojar (SEAS), Dr. Maggie Fung (GE Healthcare), Stephen Dashnaw (CUIMC), Gehua Tong (SEAS), Dr. Sebastian Theilenberg (SEAS), Kelley Swanberg (SEAS), Bassam Tabibi (SEAS), Zijian Dong (SEAS), Manny Costa (Siemens Healthineers)

Seated, left to right: Professor Andrew Laine (SEAS, CUIMC), Professor Tommy Vaughan (Director of CMRRC; SEAS, CUIMC, ZMBBI, NKI), Dr. David Gultekin (ZMBBI), Kathleen Durkin (SEAS, CUIMC, ZMBBI), Elsherif Mahmoud (SEAS), Marina Manso Jimeno (SEAS), Marleny Martinez (CUIMC), Nanyan Rosalie Zhu (SEAS)

Not present: Professor Lawrence Schwartz (CUIMC), Professor Rachel Marsh (NYSPI), Professor Shih-fu Chang (SEAS), Professor Scott Small (CUIMC),  Professor Niko Kriegeskorte (ZMBBI), Dr. Michael Milham (NKI), Dr. Charles E. Schroeder (NKI), Professor Sachin Jambawalikar (CUIMC), Dr. Ray Lee (ZMBBI).

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