How to Acknowledge the NI MRI Center

Detailed descriptions of experimental materials and methods for publications and grants provide transparent reporting. If you’ve used instruments, services, expertise, or data provided by Columbia’s NI MRI Center that is published, presented, or used in a grant application, media release, or any other form of media, we appreciate being acknowledged. Proper acknowledgement enables us to demonstrate our involvement in the research of many laboratories and institutions and helps with future funding.

As a courtesy and for copyright purposes, we also request that you inform us of the publication of any images that were created by the NI MRI Center.

The suggested acknowledgement should be worded this way: “This work was supported, in part, by [insert your other funding sources here] and was also performed at CUIMC's Neurological Institute of New York MRI Center, a shared resource and Columbia MR Research Center site.”

Authorship should be considered when scientists from the NI MRI Center make intellectual contributions involving experimental design, advanced analysis, or scientific interpretation.