ISMRM 2020 Abstracts

Ultrashort-TE Liver 1H MR Spectroscopy in Alcohol Use Disorder at 3 T. (Authors: Gajdosik, M., Wai, J., Landheer, K., Martinez, D., Juchem, C.) 

Optimization of echo time choice for seven common MRS pulse sequences through minimization of expected Cramér-Rao lower bounds. (Authors: Landheer, K., Juchem, C.)

Semi-LASER single-voxel spectroscopic sequence with minimal echo time of 20.1 ms: Application in the human brain at 3T. (Authors: Landheer, K., Gajdosik, M., Juchem, C.)

UTE-SPECIAL for 3D Localization at an Echo Time of 4 ms on a Clinical 3 Tesla Scanner. (Authors: Landheer, K., Noeske, R., Garwood, M., Juchem, C.)

A method to estimate GABA free from homocarnosine and macromolecular overlap through a combination of STEAM and J-difference editing sLASER at 7T. (Authors: Landheer, K., Prinsen, H., Petroff, O.A., Rothman, D.L., Juchem, C.)

High Resolution Simulation and Measurement of Phase-Specific B0 Field Conditions Across the Human Cardiac Cycle. (Authors: Shang, Y., Gajdosik, M., Theilenberg, S., Schreiber, L., Juchem, C.)

A Coil-Winding Machine for Wet-Winding of Resin-Impregnated Curved Wire Patterns. (Authors: Shang, Y., Theilenberg, S., Ghazouani, J., Juchem, C.)

Hunting the perfect spline: Baseline handling for accurate macromolecule estimation and metabolite quantification by in vivo 1H MRS. (Authors: Swanberg, K.M., K. Landheer, M. Gajdošík, M.S. Treacy, and C. Juchem.)

Finite Element Vibration Analysis of Multi-Coil B0 Hardware for Human Brain MRI. (Authors: Theilenberg, S., Ghazouani, J., Juchem, C.)

Eddy Current Characterization of a Multi-Coil Array for Imaging in a Head-Only MR Scanner. (Authors: Theilenberg, S., Parkinson, B., Juchem, C.)

Intra- and inter- brain RF heating prediction with the Non-Invasive Temperature Estimation (NITE) method (Authors: Kabil J, Geethanath S, Vaughan JT)

Two-site repeatability study of Tailored Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (TMRF) (Authors: Enlin Qian, Amaresh Shridhar Konar, Pavan Poojar, Maggie Fung, and Sairam Geethanath)

3DANCE VDS: Three-points Dixon golden Angle with off-resoNance CorrEction Variable Density Spiral (Authors: Marina Manso Jimeno, Sairam Geethanath, and John Thomas Vaughan Jr.)

Open-source Python package for spiral off-resonance correction (Authors: Marina Manso Jimeno, Sairam Geethanath, and John Thomas Vaughan Jr.)

Cross-vendor implementation of a Stack-of-spirals PRESTO BOLD fMRI sequence using TOPPE and Pulseq (Authors: Marina Manso Jimeno, Sairam Geethanath, Jon-Fredrik Nielsen, and Douglas C. Noll)

Implementation of a Diffusion-Weighted Echo Planar Imaging sequence using the Open Source Hardware-Independent PyPulseq Tool (Authors: Rita G. Nunes, Keerthi Sravan Ravi, Sairam Geethanath, and J. Thomas Vaughan Jr.)

Intelligent Protocolling for Autonomous MRI (Authors: Keerthi Sravan Ravi , Sairam Geethanath , Patrick Quarterman , Maggie Fung , and John Thomas Vaughan Jr.)

Deep learning Assisted Radiological reporT (DART) (Authors: Keerthi Sravan Ravi , Sairam Geethanath , Girish Srinivasan , Rahul Sharma , Sachin R Jambawalikar , Angela Lignelli-Dipple , and John Thomas Vaughan Jr.)

Natural, multi-contrast and quantitative imaging of the brain using tailored MR fingerprinting (Authors: Pavan Poojar , Enlin Qian , Maggie Fung , and Sairam Geethanath)

Substituting Gadolinium in Brain MRI Using DeepContrast: A Proof-of Concept Study in Mice (Authors: Haoran Sun, Xueqing Liu, Xinyang Feng, Chen Liu, Nanyan Zhu, Sabrina Josefina Gjerswold-Selleck, Hong-Jian Wei, Pavan Shankar Upadhyayula, Angeliki Mela, Cheng-Chia Wu, Peter Canoll, Andrew F. Laine, John Thomas Vaughan Jr., Scott A. Small, and Jia Guo)

Virtual Scanner: MRI Experiments in a Browser (Authors: Gehua Tong, Sairam Geethanath, Keerthi Sravan Ravi, Marina Manso Jimeno, Enlin Qian, and John Thomas Vaughan, Jr.)

A Non-Magnetic Staggered Commutation Based Circulator to Achieve Time-Efficient Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) MRI (Authors: Hazal Yuksel, Lance DelaBarre, Djaudat Idiyatullin, Julie Kabil, Gregor Adriany, Sung-Min Sohn, Harish Krishnaswamy, John Thomas Vaughan Jr., and Michael Garwood)

Brain-to-brain communication during eye contact: A data-driven approach based on the dfMRI (Authors: Tottenham, Nim  Sajda, Paul  Lee, Ray)