Physiological monitoring/ recording equipment 

Columbia University MRI Center at the Neurological Institute

Physiological recording equipment are integrated in the Philips scanner (pulse, respiration, ECG) and synchronized with the scanner data collection. Contact the NI Director of Imaging Services for details.


New York State Psychiatric Institute

NYSPI users can find details at

Contact the MR Program Coordinator for details.


Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute

Physiological data acquisition systems are integrated in the Siemens scanners (pulse, respiration, ECG).  Additional physiological tracking is available from BIOPAC and the Tesla Duo patient monitor.

Biopac system

The facility has BIOPAC-brand cables, electrodes, electrode leads, transducers, amplifiers, gating systems, and stimulus options for safe data acquisition of physiological signals in the MRI environment. Specially developed cables interface between the control room and the magnet room. AcqKnowledge software includes automated data cleaning tools to filter the data for high-quality results.

TeslaDUO SpO2 & NIBP Patient Monitor

TeslaDUO SpO2 & NIBP Patient Monitor Includes wireless SpO2 sensor, finger adapters, pressure hose, and pressure cuffs for neonates, children, and adults.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)


Nathan Kline Institute