Suzette M. Evans

Suzette M. Evans

Research Interest

The primary research focus is related to women's health issues specifically related to substance abuse, the menstrual cycle, and sex differences with an emphasis on vulnerability to drug abuse and the relationship to stress and impulsivity.

Over the last several years Dr. Evans and Dr. Stephanie Collins Reed have been conducting a series of studies on stress response and the effects of alcohol and d-amphetamine on measures of impulsivity in various groups of women, including women with childhood sexual abuse and women with bulimia nervosa. They are collaborating with Dr. Walsh, Director of the Eating Disorder Unit on this project and are also collaborating with Dr. Mary Jeanne Kreek, at Rockefeller University, to assess genetic associations in these women. Dr. Evans and Dr. Reed are also investigating sex differences in response to stress and measures of impulsivity in cocaine abusers.