Systems Access

Columbia University MRI Center at the Neurological Institute

The MR systems are located in Neurological Institute basement (NIB). A pass card access system is in development.  Contact the NI Director of Imaging Services with questions.

New York State Psychiatric Institute

The MR system is located in the New York State Psychiatric Institute Pardes Building basement. Users are required to attend safety training before they are permitted to enter the scan suite. On the scan day, they must be buzzed in by the MR technologist.  

Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute

The MR systems are located on level SC4 of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center.  There are two levels of access, based on a user's level of training.

Access to Jerome L. Greene Science Center and level SC4 but not the MR control rooms:  Level II training (safety training) is required before a user can have access to the building and to level SC4, where the MR systems are. This gives access to the floor (SC4), but not the ability to enter the scan control room. At all scans, Level II users must be accompanied by a Level III operator or the MR technologist, who will let them into the scan control room and supervise all people in the room for MR safety compliance.

Access to Jerome L. Greene Science Center, level SC4, and the MR control rooms: Level III certification (operator certification) is required before a user can have access to the MR control rooms. The Level III-certified staffer is responsible for the safety of every person in the MR control room and magnet room.

For more information on obtaining Level II training and Level III certification, refer to the MR Safety Training page.


School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)


Nathan Kline Institute